NY Police Questioning David Laffer in Brutal Pharmacy Murders


Police in New York are questioning a man and his wife in connection with the brutal murders of four people at a Long Island pharmacy.

The New York Daily News reports that Suffolk County police burst into the house of David Laffer Wednesday morning and hauled him out in handcuffs. They are also questioning his wife, Melinda Brady. Neither of them has been charged with anything at this point.

On Sunday a gunman walked into Haven Drugs in Medford, shot two employees and two customers, and walked out with a backpack filled with prescription drugs.

A three-day intensive manhunt led to the 33-year-old Laffer.

"They used a battering ram on the door and less than two minutes later they walked a young man out," said Peter Spano, who was at a friend's house next door. "He walked right by me. He was cuffed behind his back. He looked like death. He looked like there was nothing in him. He didn't say a word."

The brother of one of the victims was waiting at the police station for Laffer to arrive.

"I just want to take a good look at him," said Daniel Taccetta. "We want justice. The lethal injection would be too quick for him. He should rot in solitary confinement."

Meanwhile, other neighbors were stunned.

"I've known David since he was a child," said a weeping Ziada Ayala, a family friend of 40 years. "He was just a nice quiet boy."

The Daily News reports that Laffer listed a semi-automatic handgun, the Springfield XD, as one of his activities on his Facebook page.

Photo courtesy NY Daily News


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