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NY Man Daniel Ricketts Killed By Trap He Allegedly Set To Protect Pot Plants

A New York man died on Saturday after a booby trap he set to protect the marijuana patch on his property almost decapitated him. Daniel R. Ricketts, 50, owned the property and a residence where the accident took place on Saw Mill Road in Albany County.

According to Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple, Ricketts was driving an ATV on his property when he ran into a nearly invisible wire that he was using to secure the area around four large marijuana plants. The wire appeared to be the type used in pianos. Apple wasn’t sure exactly what security the wire provided, but he did point out that it would be very dangerous to someone driving an all-terrain vehicle or motorcycle.

Ricketts also set up traps incorporating barbed wire and leg traps similar to those that are used to snare coyotes, Fox News reported. Apple said that alcohol may have been a factor in the accident.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Sources: Fox News, The Times Union


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