People Cannot Pierce Or Tattoo Their Pets, New Law Declares


Lawmakers in New York State have officially passed a bill that now makes it illegal to tattoo and pierce pets.

The measure was first introduced by Democratic Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal in 2011 after discovering that people were selling “gothic kittens” covered in tattoos and piercings online. The bill, which will soon be written into law once it lands on Governor Cuomo’s desk, has received lots of bipartisan support and has officially been backed by the Humane Society of New York.

"Companion animals ... will no longer be subject to the selfish whims of their owners,” Rosenthal said after the bill was passed.

The majority of people seem to support this bill, although many question why anybody would want to pierce or tattoo their pet in the first place.

“I'm surprised that a law is even necessary,” wrote one user on the NPR report. “Can't they just prosecute under the cruelty to animals statute? I certainly hope they do, both the pet owner and the tattoo artist.”

“I've had students tell me that getting a tattoo was way more painful than they thought it would be,” another concerned user commented. “At least they had made the decision to get a tattoo. Why subject an animal to this kind of pain just because of a human's vanity? A seahorse on that little dog or piercing through a kitten's ears isn't a medical necessity.”

Reports say that the only exception to the law is if an animal needs to be tattooed or pierced for the purpose of medical identification.

Sources: New York Daily News, NPR, TIME


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