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NY Gun Manufacturer Blames New Gun Control Law for Move to PA

Kahr Firearms Group of Pearl River plans to move its office and expansion to Pennsylvania, citing a new New York gun control law as its reason for the move.

The group referred to the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act, which was made into law after the Newtown shootings and a series of closed-door negotiations. The law expands New York’s ban on military-style weapons, limits magazines to seven bullets and taxes bullets.

‘‘We’re looking for a more friendly environment for our business,’’ said Frank Harris, Kahr’s vice president for sales and marketing. ‘‘Maybe we could have stayed here and built a plant, but the way the bill was passed left us feeling there were a lot of uncertainties going forward.’’

Harris added that the manufacturer was not going to take a chance in New York when it could simply move to Pennsylvania where the company would not be bothered. Harris also noted that while the company is in favor of stopping criminals, the act will only hurt law-abiding citizens.

Kahr has purchased 620 acres in Pennsylvania and will move its 10-person corporate staff next year to its new office buildings. The business is expected to add 80 to 100 new jobs after it builds another factory there.

"The Safe Act has unintended consequences,” Harris said. “This is one of them.’’

Sources: Fox News, ABC News


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