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NY Drug Dealer Shot After Boasting About $125000 Stop-And-Frisk Settlement

A Staten Island, New York, man who was paid $132,500 in a 2012 civil case against a racist NYPD officer was gunned down during a robbery Tuesday, officials say.

Kenrick Gray, 34, who had 22 drug arrests, was shot by robber Darren Brown, 27, on Park Hill Avenue. A second victim, Noland Whistleton, 41, was also shot dead in the leg and torso, the New York Post reports.

“Mr. Gray recently made known throughout the neighborhood that he received the windfall and that very foolish boast did cost him his life,” a source told the Post. “Apparently, the assailant caught wind of that and tried to rob him. There was a struggle and he was shot.”

Gray’s lawsuit claims that he was falsely arrested by Officer Michael Daragjati, 34, after he complained about an unwarranted stop and frisk in April 2011, according to the Staten Island Advance.

Daragjati was sentenced to 57 months in prison in June 2012 for violating Gray’s rights and for an unrelated extortion case, in which the officer was recorded talking about Gray, saying, “Another n----r fried, no big deal.”

Gray won a $132,500 settlement -- $125,000 from the city, $7,500 of Daragjati’s own money – last summer.

“The settlement was a well-deserved one, and not merely enough for the pain and suffering that Kenrick and his family endured by the system,” his sister Danielle C. Milli told the Staten Island Advance. “And now his life was taken. When does this stop?”

Whistleton was awaiting trial on an attempted rape case and was out on $35,000 bond when he was murdered, according to court records.

Gray’s criminal record includes two times spent in state prison, one for a 1999 attempted robbery, the second for forgery charges in 2006.


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