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NY Daily News Makes Sure We All Know Lesbians Committed Heinous Crime

The NY Daily News reports that Jade Olmstead and Ashley Barber, who are lesbians, confessed to luring Olmstead’s 20-year-old ex Brandy Stevens into the woods, then beating, strangling, and burying her in a shallow grave, where she suffocated under the dirt.

NY Daily News trumpted the "lesbian' angle in this story, using the headline 'Buried alive, suffocated by dirt: Lesbian couple confesses to torture, murder of college student.'

While the two alleged killers are lesbian lovers, and it was a crime of passion, some are questioning whether the 'lesbian' angle is a sensational headline, used by the NY Daily News, and was inappropriate.

On May 17, Olmstead and Barber convinced Stevens to come see a fort that Olmstead was building in the woods, near Cochranton, Pennsylvania. That's where Barber was lying in wait at the scene.

The NY Daily News reports that state police Trooper Eric Mallory said that Barber strangled Stevens with a rope while Olmstead beat her. The women reportedly stuffed a cap into Stevens' mouth because “they were freaking out from her screams."

When Stevens was still breathing in a shallow grave, the women slammed a rock into her face, poured water into mouth and piled dirt on her, eventually killing her.

Both women face charges of homicide and conspiracy to commit homicide, and possibly the death penalty.

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