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NY Dad Levon Wameling Waits Two Weeks to Report Missing Son

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Nine-month-old Levon Wameling of Utica, N.Y., went missing two weeks ago but was only reported missing on Tuesday after the child’s family asked about his whereabouts.

Jevon Wameling, the child’s father, said he left him unattended in front of his Jay Street home on May 29 when he realized he was locked out and went around the house to the back to get inside. When he returned, the child was missing.

Police are interviewing family members and neighbors and using canine units to track the child down. The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Center for Missing and Exploited Children are also aiding in the investigation.

While police consider Wameling a person of interest, those who know him say his involvement was unlikely.

Wameling’s landlord, Guy Palmieri, said Wameling often locks himself out of the house and sometimes bothers neighbors with loud music. Otherwise, the 27-year-old is a relatively tame tenant.

“I just don’t see him to be that kind of person,” Palmieti said.

At a press conference on Thursday, Amy Warney, the child’s mother, made a plea to the public in tears asking anyone with information to come forward.

"If you know where he is, if he's alive or dead, please call Utica police so I can put him to rest,” Warney said.

Warney had been at a drug rehabilitation facility when her son went missing.

Utica police took to Facebook the same day and asked residents to check their yards and surrounding areas, but not to search the area of Wameling’s home.

“There has been an ongoing police search that will continue, and your presence may contaminate the area,” said a spokesperson for the Utica Police Department.

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