NY College Professor Fired For Kicking Cheating Student Out Of Class


In a scene somewhat reminiscent of Thornton Melon’s persecution for suspected “academic fraud” in the Rodney Dangerfield movie Back To School, a student at Baruch College in New York who tried to cheat during a test reported the incident to school officials and got her teacher fired.

“She indicated that she didn’t understand the difference between percentage and total volume,” said 65 year old adjunct Professor Brian Moore, who had taught at the school for nine years, and looks strikingly similar to Melon’s adversary in the film, Dr. Philip Barbay, dean of the business school.

After the student, 18-year-old Tara Kennedy, asked Moore for the answer and he declined to give it to her, she pestered a neighboring student during the test. Moore grabbed her answer sheet and ripped it in half, telling her, "This will be a zero, and it will be your lowest grade." (The lowest grade in his class gets dropped.)

Two days later an associate dean contacted Moore and told him he had been fired.

“The instructor had displayed inappropriate and unprofessional behavior in response to a student in front of the other students in the class,” said John Brenkman, Baruch’s senior vice president for academic affairs. “Baruch College moved swiftly to remove the instructor and ensure that the students were afforded a productive and safe learning environment.”

Sources: NYPost, Wikipedia


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