NY Clerk Quits; Won't Sign Gay Marriage Licenses


The town clerk in one New York city has resigned rather than to be forced to sign gay marriage licenses, which she said is against her religion.

The Associated Press reports that Laura Fotusky will step down from her job in the town of Barker, in western New York, on July 21 -- three days before the same-sex marriage law takes effect.

In her resignation letter, Fotusky wrote:

"The Bible clearly teaches that God created marriage between male and female as a divine gift that preserves families and cultures. Since I love and follow Him, I cannot put my signature on something that is against God... I would be compromising my moral conscience if I participated in the licensing procedure."

The law allows religious groups to delcine to perform gay marriages, but the exemption doss not apply to individuals, including government employees.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said good riddance to the clerk.

"When you enforce the laws of the state, you don't get to pick and choose the laws," Cuomo said.


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