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NV Charter School Considers Gun Safety Class for K-8 Students

The people of Henderson, Nevada were shocked when 13-year-old Brooklynn Mohler accidentally killed herself with a firearm. School officials from Pinecrest Academy charter school are thinking about taking proactive steps to prevent more gun violence by offering students gun safety courses.

Classes are currently out for the summer, but once the next school term rolls around parents will might have an opportunity to sign up students in gun safety classes, which would be taught at a nearby gun range by certified instructors.

The school hasn’t revealed which grades will have access to gun classes, but considering that Pinecrest Academy is a K-8 school the participating students could be fairly young.

Elsewhere across the country, schools have been suspending students for doing anything even remotely related to guns – that includes touching toy guns, eating a pastry into the shape of a gun, and talking about guns. Rather than banning discussions about guns entirely, Pinecrest school officials hope to teach students valuable lessons about gun safety.

Steven Stubbs, a parent of one of the students at Pinecrest, stated, “Frankly with all the accidents that are happening in homes maybe if these kids had firearms training properly, maybe we wouldn't have these accidents. It actually came as a request from multiple parents. There were multiple parents who remembered a time about how schools used to do firearms training.”

Pinecrest officials report that the school has received positive messages from parents following the announcement.

Offering gun safety classes really isn’t that different from schools offering sexual education courses. These classes might make parents a bit uneasy, but both classes would teach students valuable lessons about life and safety. And considering that schools with sex education tend to have lower rates of teen pregnancy and STDs, it’s reasonable to hope that offering gun safety classes could lead to fewer incidents of gun violence involving children. 

Source: My News 3


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