NuVo Condoms Offers to Pay for Gay Wedding, Outrage Follows


NuVo Condoms recently announced they will provide a free marriage ceremony for a gay couple via a new contest.

According to a press release, the all expenses paid wedding will take place at the NYC PrideFest on June 30 "in honor of the 2nd year anniversary of the legalization of gay marriage in New York."

The first gay hotel, Out NYC Hotel, is going to provide a free room for the couples' wedding night. The ceremony, clothing and catering is all included, but the wedding license is not.

Gay couples are told to email to with photos and a paragraph explaining why they should get a free wedding.

However, not everyone is excited about the free nuptials. The National Organization for Marriage attacked the gay giveaway on their blog:

Imagine this promotion running in your grandparents’ Wall Street Journal as hopeful GI’s returned from World War II, The institution of marriage as “just another vehicle” to promote and advertise the use of condoms? Somehow I don’t think our ancestors would have seen it that way.

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