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Police: Nursing Home Worker Filmed Residents Having Sex

An assisted living facility worker was arrested after allegedly filming two residents engaging in sexual intercourse and then posting the recording on Snapchat. 

Alexis Gloria Rebecca Williams, 20, was a medical assistant at the Bristol Court Assisted Living Facility in St. Petersburg, Florida. According to the Tampa Bay Times, she filmed a 59-year-old male resident engaging in consensual sex with an 81-year-old female resident. The residents were reportedly not aware they were being filmed and were in a private room at the time.

Williams allegedly posted the video to Snapchat on Aug. 1, 2016, and one viewer contacted staff at the assisted living facility. The facility then called the police. 

Pinellas County police investigated the incident for seven months before identifying Williams as the one behind the video. She has since been fired from her position.

Police spokesman Sgt. Spencer Gross said Williams confessed to shooting the video and that she did it "for her own amusement."

Williams was arrested and charged with video voyeurism and video voyeurism dissemination. 

"I think it’s deplorable. I wouldn’t want it to be someone from my own family at that assisted living when that happened," Helen King, who works with the Area Agency on Aging, told WFOR.

To King, this incident is the ultimate violation of trust.

"You have no choice but to try to trust the people that are charged with your care," she said. "You want to trust that the people that hire them knew what they were doing and did all the things they should be doing."

Williams was released from custody March 22 and told reporters she was innocent, according to Bay News 9.

"I asked [detectives], 'Where's their proof?' and I won't say nothing else until they give me proof," she said.

Police say they have a full confession from Williams, as well as surveillance video and records from Snapchat that corroborate the claims. 

This is not the first time Bristol Court has gotten into trouble because of its staff. WFOR reports that in 2015, the facility paid $6,000 in fines for violations regarding its staff, including improper training and workers not giving out medication to residents and then lying about it on medical charts.

An undisclosed complaint prompted an inspection of the facility in January, which it passed.

"You just have to be very, very careful because it’s the life of an older person that you’re placing into here," said King. 

Sources: WFOR, Tampa Bay Times, Bay News 9 / Photo credit: Pinellas County Sheriff's Office via Daily Mail

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