Nursing Home Worker Busted Doing Something Awful To Patient


A former nursing home worker is facing felony charges after authorities say she filmed a naked a 93-year-old and uploaded the clip onto Snapchat.

Grace Riedlinger, 21, was fired from the Parkside Manor nursing home in Kenosha, Wisconsin, after someone saw the video on the social networking app and reported it to law enforcement. The Kenosha Police Department went to the facility on Jan. 11, where the executive director said Riedlinger confessed to filming a resident.

The elderly woman seen in the clip has Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, according to the police report. The victim was incapable of telling the police what had happened, reports Kenosha News.

Court Commissioner Jon Mason said it was “one of the most disgusting cases I’ve heard in a long time.”

“I cannot fathom what would possess someone to do something like this and then post it on the Internet,” Mason said. “I wonder how she would feel if someone did this to her mother.”

Riedlinger told authorities the woman had been difficult as she tried to get her ready for bed, so she took video and posted it as part of her story on Snapchat. The clip was only able to be viewed by Riedlinger’s “friends” and was removed after 24 hours.

David Richey, a spokesman for the nursing home, noted the facility has a “zero tolerance” policy when it comes to violations of its code of conduct.

“Actions such as this will never be tolerated at our community,” Richey said. “Our code of conduct contains very specific guidelines to govern employee behavior and includes policies regarding social networking and the use of technology that the employee in question clearly violated.”

Riedlinger has been charged with a felony for capturing an image of nudity without consent. She was released with a promise to pay $10,000 if she violates the terms of her release. She is banned from returning to Parkside Manor or being on the grounds of any other nursing home, reports TheBlaze.

In December 2015, ProPublica published a report in which it exposed what appears to be a mounting problem in nursing homes. Since 2012, the investigation uncovered more than 35 instances where nursing home employees “surreptitiously shared photos or videos of residents, some of whom were partially or completely naked.”

Sources: TheBlaze, Kenosha News, ProPublica / Photo credit: neovain/Flickr

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