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Nursing Home Worker Allegedly Beats A Bedridden Resident

An 80-year-old woman was allegedly punched and slammed against a bed rail at a Queens, New York, nursing home by an angry caretaker.

Marie Jeanty, 59, reportedly became enraged while changing the elderly woman’s clothes and sheets at the West Lawrence Care Center in August 2014. Jeanty allegedly punched the woman in the arm and shoulder, and pushed her onto the bed with such force that her face hit the bed rail.

The unnamed victim, who is bedridden due to osteoporosis, arthritis and a bone marrow disease, suffered bruising and swelling on her arm and face, including a black eye.

Jeanty has been charged with second-degree assault and two felonies for endangering the welfare of another person, NY Daily News reported. She turned herself in Thursday morning.

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Jeanty’s attorney, Michaelangelo Matera, said his client, who immigrated to the U.S. from Haiti, had worked at the nursing home for less than a year. 

“Ms. Jeanty is obviously a very hard working person,” he said. "She came to this country looking to make a better life for herself … in no way do I believe that she would have intentionally hurt anyone."  

Jeanty has pleaded not guilty and was released without bail.

Matera said his client’s story doesn’t match up with the charges.

“My understanding is that no one else was in the room,” he said. “What my client is explaining to me about what happened and what’s being alleged are two entirely different things.”

Source: NY Daily News / Image via NY Daily News


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