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'It's Gruesome': Resident's Death Prompts Investigation Into Atlanta Nursing Home

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An Atlanta nursing home is under fire after evidence has surfaced of alleged unethical treatment towards their residents.

The situation began when the story of one allegedly abused resident from the New London Healthcare Center came to light, 11Alive News reports. As authorities began investigating more into the nursing home’s practices, other families have come out to express their concerns about the treatment of their elderly family members at the home.

The resident from the original story has since died, and now investigators are attempting to find out if the practices of the nursing home had anything to do with her death.

Carol Sheppard, 77, had been a patient at New London for four years when she was taken to the hospital in April. There she was treated for a 3-inch wound on her head. There was also bleeding in her brain.

“In my 15 years, I’ve never seen anything like that,” said Snellville Police Detective O.J. Concepcion.

Along with her head injuries, medical professionals also found bedsores that went to her bone, ingrown toenails, and an open wound on the back of her hand with a bandage that had not been changed for days.

“It’s gruesome,” Sheppard’s grandson, Ryan Sheppard, told 11Alive News.

After moving his grandmother out of New London to another nursing home, he had hoped that she would recover. However, she died three weeks later.

“The doctors said she suffered some sort of traumatic event,” Ryan said.

This is not the first case of alleged abuse at New London.

Rebecca Beaty’s mother stayed at New London for five years until the day she died in April. Beaty showed 11Alive News reporters some complaints that she made to the nursing home.

“Finding her oxygen canister on the floor,” the complaint read, “not even turned on, covered in feces, the plug in her feeding tube had come undone and covered in her lunch, finding her hanging off the bed.”

“I would file the written complaints with the director of nursing and I don’t know where it went from there,” she said. “Eventually, I found it had to go to the administrator, Mark McKentrick, and he had to sign off on it. But I don’t know what happened after that. I just know that it never changed. I was making the same complaints in January 2015 as I was making in 2011.”

When 11Alive News called McKentrick asking about the complaints made by Beaty, he reportedly responded, “I’ve never heard of a complaint from a Rebecca Beaty,” and hung up.

Despite the numerous complaints made against New London, the nursing home was able to pass Georgia’s state inspection last year with almost perfect scores.

Sheppard’s incident was never reported to the state though. This is required by law of all nursing homes.

Brian Lee, head of a nursing home watchdog group called Families for Better Care, sees that as a cause for concern.

“Really a nursing home should be as transparent with these type of incidents as they possibly can be so the problems can be fixed to ensure that all residents are safe in the nursing home,” said Lee.

Source: NBC11, 11Alive

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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