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Nursing Home Argues Access to Prostitutes is "Human Right"

A director at a nursing home in East Sussex, Great Britain, is arguing that hiring sex workers is a human right, saying that the home has helped residents access adult services when they asked for it. 

"People have needs, so sometimes we might need to set up a room in a certain way," Sue Wyatt said, manager of Chaseley Trust Home. 

"We are there to help," she said. "We use a private consultant who arranges everything. They are an independent person who works in the home. She puts people in touch with people. We respect our residents as individuals so that's why we help this to happen."

Police started investigating the home after former manager Helena Barrow said she would help organize a strip show. 

They also implemented a "code" for when residents needed privacy by placing red socks on door knobs. 

"We care for adults from the age of 18 with all types of disability, from spinal injury, Acquired Brain Injury and stroke, to Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease and a wide range of other neurological conditions," their website explains. "Covering a wide age range, Chaseley Home and Bungalows have a 'family' feel where everyone feels valued and their input welcomed."

While prostitution is legal in the U.K., officials were investigating the matter because they were concerned the policy left potentially vulnerable residents at risk of exploitation.


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