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Nurses Take A Look Inside Premature Baby's Incubator, Make Horrific Discovery

A rat was caught on video running around inside of an incubator after reportedly biting a newborn baby fighting for its life.

Nurses were alerted to the incident after hearing the baby screaming inside of the incubator. They were able to remove the child from the incubator, and then began attempting to get the rat out.

In the video, the rat is seen running around the empty incubator as hospital workers attempt to capture it.

According to reports, the incident took place at the Western Regional Hospital in Belize, Central America. The very same hospital had garnered criticism recently rats infested their food storage room.

“It is unfortunate this situation happened and we regret that it happened to this child,” hospital administrator Bernadette Seaver said. “We hope it would never happen again.”

The baby and its mother were ultimately discharged, and the child was deemed healthy.

Sources: Irish Mirror, YouTube / Photo credit:


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