Doctor Fired For Drunkenly Attacking Uber Driver (Video)


A Miami doctor who was caught on film berating an Uber driver and destroying his car has been fired from her job, New York Daily News reports.

Dr. Anjali Ramkissoon was filmed drunkenly berating and attacking an Uber driver on a January night in Miami. Video of the incident has been viewed nearly seven million times on YouTube.

The doctor can be seen in the video yelling at the Uber driver while hitting and shoving him and even kneeing him in the groin. After some time of holding her off, the Uber driver shoves Ramkissoon, who then falls to the ground. The driver tries to run around to the driver's side of his car, but the doctor gets up before he can drive off and gets in the passenger seat.

"Get in the f***ing car! Get the f*** in this car you f***ing piece of s***!," Ramkissoon yelled at the driver.

Ramkissoon has since been fired from her position as a resident doctor at Jackson Health System, according to a statement by a spokeswoman.

Once in the passenger seat, Ramkissoon begins destroying the driver's property and throwing his things out of the car window onto the street. At the end of the video, Ramkissoon walks away from the driver, but according to the video's description, police showed up shortly after the recording stopped.

The driver chose not to press charges against Ramkissoon.

Following the spread of the video across the internet, Ramkissoon appeared on Good Morning America to apologize for her actions, New Y ork Daily News reports.

"There's absolutely no excuse for my actions," she said on the morning program. "I'm ashamed. I'm so sorry. I've hurt so many people."

Ramkissoon said in the interview that she had been dumped by her boyfriend earlier that night and was stressed about her father being hospitalized that day. She said the stress accumulated into her drunken breakdown. 

"In the moment I was just so angry, I wasn't really thinking," she said on Good Morning America. "If I could take it back I would."

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