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Nurse Fired For Saying She Wanted An Alleged Killer's Autograph

Shannon Miles is accused of murdering Texas Deputy Darren Goforth at a gas station near Houston, Texas, a crime which sent shock waves throughout the nation. But Miles isn’t the only person in trouble — a nurse working at the Houston jail he is being held in has been dismissed for allegedly trying to get his autograph, KTRK reported.

The unidentified nurse’s co-workers say they overheard her saying she wanted Miles’ autograph, although it’s unclear why. The unidentified nurse, who was hired by a third-party agency, was immediately replaced.

The nurse never came into contact with Miles, but the incident happened around the same time Republican Sen. John Cornyn of Texas introduced federal legislation to ban the sale of items linked to murderers. Although the bill has failed before, he recently reintroduced the Stop the Sale of Murderabilia Act. 

"The sale of murderabilia sensationalizes violent crimes, hinders victims' healing process, and re-opens old wounds. It rewards those who peddle the goods of notoriously violent criminals,” he said in a statement, NY Daily News reported.

“It rewards those who peddle the goods of notoriously violent criminals," he added.

Sources: NY Daily News, KTRK / Photo credit: UK Ministry of Defence/Flickr


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