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Number Of American Atheists Has Doubled, While Belief In Evolution Is Up

The number of Americans who claim they’re not religious at all has nearly doubled since 2006, while belief in Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution has increased, according to a new Harris poll.

About 74 percent of Americans believe in God, an 8 percent decrease since 2009. About 23 percent reported they are “not at all” religious, a figure that has almost doubled since 2007.

Harris Interactive surveyed 2,250 adults from Nov. 13 to 18.

Belief in the theory of evolution, although below recorded levels from believe in God, is up 5 percent since 2005, from 42 percent to 47 percent.

More Americans believe in evolution than in the existence of ghosts, UFOs, witches, astrology, and reincarnation.

The belief in Creationism, at 36 percent, showed a 3 percent decrease since 2005.

Overall the belief in miracles, heaven, angels, the resurrection, the devil, and virgin birth have all decreased since 2005, but they are still higher than the belief in Darwin’s evolutionary theory.

The poll also found Republicans less likely than Democrats and Independents to believe in evolution. About 80 percent of Republicans reported they believed in the resurrection of Jesus Christ – the belief that Christ rose from the dead after he was executed by crucifixion – compared to 60 percent of Democrats and 60 percent of Independents.

“Echo Boomers” ages 18 to 36, more commonly known as the Millennial generation, were the least likely to report belief in God, angels, Hell and the devil. However, Millennials were nearly twice as likely as elderly respondents to say they believe in ghosts. About 42 percent of Echo Boomers believe in ghosts, while on 24 percent of people age 68 and older agreed.

Women were 9 percent more likely than men to report that they believe God is male.

Sources: Business Insider, Raw Story


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