Colorado Town Passes New Ordinance Requiring Gun Ownership (Video)

One Colorado town has decided that the Second Amendment is worth fighting for.

Nucla, Colo., has passed an ordinance that makes gun ownership mandatory for town residents. Under the new ordinance, which passed on a five-one vote, each head of a household must own a gun.

The new requirement exempts heads of households who can't legally own a gun or who simply do not want to own a gun.

Nucla town leaders say the ordinance was inspired by a similar law that was passed in the Georgia town of Nelson - the "Family Protection Act." The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence filed a lawsuit against Nelson after the act was passed.

Richard Craig brought the idea to Nucla. "Every head of the household residing in town limits is required to maintain a firearm together with ammunition thereafter. Criminals are put on notice, period. We are armed." he said. "I think my biggest thing is our Second Amendment, that is our right. I don't think half the people on the front range even know what the constitution is, let alone forget it," Craig said.

The community has had a mostly favorable reaction to the new ordinance.

"I think the government, again, has gone way out of range and just doesn't understand the realities of what life is like in rural America," said town resident Don Colcord.

A video about the story is below:

Sources: The Huffington PostKREX TV


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