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NSA Official Charged With Beating 3-Year-Old Son To Death

A Maryland official at the National Security Agency has officially been charged with beating his 3-year-old adopted son to death.

36-year-old Brian Patrick O' Callaghan of Damascus, Maryland was arrested on February 16. According to reports, O’Callaghan, who was chief of the NSA’s Korea division, took his adopted Korean son Hyunsu O' Callaghan to the emergency room on February 1 because he was unresponsive. Hyunsu died two days later, and doctors said he died of injuries consistent with being beaten.

"These types of injuries are consistent with acute head trauma and Brian O'Callaghan could not provide an explanation that would cause this type of medical distress to Hyunsu," it said in the medical documents.

O’Callaghan told police that his son had fallen in the bathtub on January 31 and that he became unresponsive the next day, ultimately leading to his death. The charges against him, however, contradict these claims and allege that O’Callaghan beat his son to death.

"The injuries to this child were catastrophic injuries," said State's Attorney John McCarthy. "I think the evidence supports the charges that were brought."

The NSA official’s lawyer Steve McCool says that the allegations against him are false and that the truth will come out during the trial.

"When all the evidence is presented in this case, we're all gonna know the truth, which is this was a terrible, terrible tragedy and not a crime," said McCool.

O’Callaghan’s grandfather William Rose echoes McCool’s sentiments, maintaining that his grandson is completely innocent.

"I find it impossible to believe that he's been indicted for murder because he's worked so hard to get this baby," said Rose to the Washington Post. "He was so loving with him. He's been so wonderful with his other child. I've never seen him do anything that would make me believe he is capable of that."

O’Callaghan has officially been charged in the young boy’s death and is currently being held without bond.


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