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NRA Web Host Lectures Parents Of Gunned-Down TV Journalists (Video)

National Rifle Association (NRA) web host Colion Noir had some unsolicited advice for the grieving parents of Alison Parker and Adam Ward, a Virginia TV news reporter and cameraman who were gunned down during a live broadcast on Aug. 26 (video below).

On the night of her murder, Alison's father Andy Parker told Fox News host Megyn Kelly that he was going to work for "closing loopholes in background checks and making sure crazy people don't get guns," noted

Barbara Parker, Alison's mother, told CNN: "If you are a parent, you are a mother, if you have children, can you look your child in the eye and say, 'We are willing to allow you to be collateral damage in order to keep what some people perceive as their constitutional rights."

Noir posted his video advice to the grieving parents only four days after the two WDBJ TV news journalists were killed, reports

And to the parents of Alison Parker and Adam Ward, I have no right to tell any parent how to grieve for the loss of their child.

Grief-inspired advocacy can be extremely effective and powerful and I say run full speed to find a way to end violence like this.

However, sometimes in a fight we can become so emotional everyone and thing starts looking like the enemy, even if they're there to help us. I'm deeply sorry for your loss.

However, neither the Parker or Ward family have described everyone or everything as the "enemy."

Sources: (2), CNN via YouTube / Photo Credit: Screenshot


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