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NRA Warns: Black Lives Matter Is Coming After Whites (Video)

NRA Warns: Black Lives Matter Is Coming After Whites (Video) Promo Image

NRA TV, the internet channel of the NRA, warned on July 19 that Black Lives Matter was pushing for racial hatred and violence against white people, which could become as bad as the torture and murder currently going on in South Africa (video below).

NRA TV host Grant Stinchfield began the segment by blaming former President Barack Obama for racial problems in America, notes Media Matters:

Our race relations are strained here in American after eight years of Barack Obama, but nowhere is near as bad as it is in South Africa where white families are being tortured and killed almost every day in racist violence. It is a warning for the United States that you will never hear from the mainstream media in this country.

Veteran Army Ranger and Frontlines correspondent Chuck Holton joins me with more on this. Chuck, I know you've been looking into this, particularly doing some research, and really the things that we're starting to learn are frightening and I guess it's not shocking that the mainstream media is not talking about this.

Holton tried to compare Black Lives Matter, a movement that opposes police brutality, to some South African government officials who are calling for attacks against white farmers:

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Right, you know the parallels between what's happening in South Africa and the blatant racism and violence we’re seeing from people like the Black Lives Matter crowd, from people like Louis Farrakhan and his minions, is happening in spades in South Africa.

The violence against farmers is being called for by government officials, it's being celebrated by politicians, and the scary thing is, it's kind of a warning for what could happen in the United States if we continue to let this get out of control, to go down this path of this racial tension, this racial hatred that is being forced on the American culture by the Black Lives Matter crowd.

I was at this very peaceful women's march over the weekend, and there were a lot of Black Lives Matter there. And when you talk to people, they're all angry about this video that Dana Loesh put out that [said] hey when you go around and break things and burn cars and spray paint buildings, that you leave the police no choice, but to do their job. And somehow that was equated as a call for violence? That's not a call for violence.

That's saying when you act like an idiot, the police come and do what the police are supposed to do when you act like an idiot, and that is arrest you. And somehow this guy last night on Fox last night on Martha MacCallum's show saying that's us calling for the violence. It's exactly the opposite. It's us calling out the violence, and saying this has to stop.

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Neither Stinchfield or Holton provided evidence of Black Lives Matter calling for racial attacks against white people. noted in March that white farmers had been attacked more than 70 times and there had been around 25 murders of white farmers. Some members of the ruling African National Congress have reportedly called for violence on whites, which appears to a certain degree to be a backlash to decades of apartheid when whites ruled the mostly black country.

Ernst Roets, the deputy CEO of AfriForum, a human rights organization, wrote about the attacks in a March report:

The fact that farm murders do not comply with the legal definition of genocide in no way renders the crisis that white farmers in particular face in South Africa as less imminent. It is important to note that not all who are murdered on farms are white people. On the other hand, it is equally important to note that black farmers are not subjected to the same levels of torture as their white counterparts.

Sources: Media Matters, / Photo credit: Occupy Global/Flickr, Daniel Lobo/Flickr, GovernmentZA/Flickr

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