NRA Warns of U.N. Gun Conspiracy to Seize U.S. Guns


The U.N. has been working for years to produce a final text of the Arms Trade Treaty, which is an agreement to regulate global arms trade.

Currently, international banana and bottled water sales are more restricted than weapons sales.

The negotiations recently restarted and generated a panic among the NRA, which claims the U.N. is planning to undermine the Second Amendment.

The NRA-ILA [lobbying arm of the NRA]  recently stated: "The U.N. and global gun banners have markedly stepped up their attack on our Second Amendment freedoms by including civilian arms in the proposed Arms Trade Treaty."

However, the Obama Administration required language in the initial 2009 General Assembly Arms Trade Treaty resolution that guarantees “national constitutional protections on private ownership, exclusively within their territory.”

The State Department has also ruled out the U.N. restricting constitutional rights and sovereign control of domestic weapons regulation.

Additionally, the Supreme Court has held that individual gun ownership is constitutionally protected, and international law cannot override the Constitution, which means the U.N. could not take American guns even if the Obama administration wanted it to.


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