NRA Wants Media to Stop Calling Santa Barbara Shooter a 'Shooter’(Video)

The NRA has released a new video by "NRA Commentator” Billy Johnson who complains about Santa Barbara, California, shooter Elliot Rodger being referred to as a "shooter" by the media.

“Yes, the Santa Barbara Murderer had a gun, and yes, he killed three people with that gun,” stated Johnson in the video (below). “But he also killed people with a knife and injured several others with his car.”

According to Mediaite.com, Johnson claimed that cars and knives were getting a free pass, and asked why Rodger wasn't referred to as a “stabber” or the “driver”?

Ironically, Johnson originally titled the video “Santa Barbara Shooter,” which seemed to defeat his purpose.

While the video was pulled to change the name to "Santa Barbara Stabber," MediaMatters.org posted the original video.

CNN reported that Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said there were three people killed by gunfire, three killed with a knife, eight wounded by gunshots, four hit by Rodger's vehicle and one person suffered a minor injury of unknown origin.

Sources: MediaMatters.org, CNN, Mediaite.com


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