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NRA Urges Arizona to Pass Three Self-Defense Bills

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The Arizona Senate passed three important self-defense bills in a
session that lasted into the early morning hours Wednesday. First,
Senate Bill 1113 enables law-abiding right-to-carry permit holders to
carry firearms for self-defense in restaurants. This NRA-backed bill
passed by an overwhelming, bi-partisan majority of 19-8 and will now be
sent to Governor Jan Brewer’s (R) desk for her consideration.

“By adopting this important, common-sense legislation, Arizonans now
have the ability to defend themselves and their families from criminal
attack in restaurants,” said Chris W. Cox, NRA chief lobbyist.
“Headlines remind us that restaurants are not immune to violent crime
and now Arizona will join 40 other states that allow their law-abiding
right-to-carry permit holders the opportunity to protect their own
lives and the lives of those they love in restaurants.”

SB 1113, introduced by State Senator Jack Harper (R-4), allows
concealed carry permit holders to take concealed handguns into
restaurants that serve alcohol, with a strict provision prohibiting the
permit holders from consuming any alcohol while carrying.

The legislature passed two additional important pro-gun bills
expanding law-abiding citizens’ self defense rights. Senator Russell
Pearce (R-18) was the lead sponsor of these two measures:

SB 1168,
which permits law-abiding individuals to store firearms in locked
vehicles while parked on publicly accessible parking lots; and SB 1243,
which clarifies the statutory definition of defensive display of a

“State Senators Jack Harper and Russell Pearce should be applauded
for their efforts to pass these critical measures that allow honest,
law-abiding Arizonans an opportunity to defend themselves” concluded
Cox. “We are hopeful that Governor Brewer will sign these reasonable
and sensible bills into law."


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