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NRA Supports Texas Bill to Allow Guns on Campus

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This session of the Texas
Legislature is a critical one for gun owners and sportsmen! While
NRA-ILA is fighting numerous assaults on the Second Amendment at the
federal level, we are also working hard here in the Lone Star State to pass landmark legislation protecting our right to self-defense.

House Bill 1893,
sponsored by State Representative Joe Driver (R-Garland) would allow
Concealed Handgun Licensees to protect themselves on the campuses of
public colleges and universities. Campus settings are not "crime-free"
zones. Adult students, faculty, staff and visitors who are 21
or older, who pass an extensive state and federal criminal
records check, and who complete a rigorous handgun training course,
should not be denied their right to self-defense simply because they
study, live, work on or visit a college or university campus. CHLs have been lawfully carrying handguns for protection virtually everywhere in Texas
for more than a dozen years, and there is no statistical data or
evidence that they would suddenly transform into irresponsible
criminals if legally allowed to enter a college or university setting.

This important self-defense reform needs to pass this year, before the anti-gun extremists in Washington gain momentum that filters down to the state level.


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