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NRA: States Fighting Back Against Right-to-Carry Gun Opponents

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By Wayne LaPierre, NRA Executive Vice President

While gun-control advocates seem to have declared war on Right-to-Carry, legislatures across the country are taking steps to reform state laws in ways that will benefit those who lawfully exercise their right to bear arms.

Already this year we've seen several states pass Right-to-Carry reform measures that will ensure law-abiding gun owners can dine with their families in restaurants can store their lawfully owned firearm locked in their car while they are at work, and can exercise their right to carry without media harassment or publication of their personal information. 

And in Iowa, the legislature took a major step forward this year, significantly revising the law regarding concealed carry. If Governor Culver signs the resulting bill, Iowa will go from a "May-Issue" state where the right to carry depends on the whim of the issuing authority, to a "Shall-Issue" state where gun owners who meet the statutory requirements can't be denied their license for vague and arbitrary reasons.

This would make Iowa the 41st state with "Shall-Issue" laws regarding the right to bear arms. There are still two states (Wisconsin and Illinois) that don't have any Right-to-Carry laws on the books, but support for RTC in those states is growing by leaps and bounds. The will of the people is clear, and legislatures around the country are listening.


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