NRA Says People Who Don't Like Guns in Public Are ‘Paranoid’ (Video)


The National Rifle Association (NRA) recently released a new video featuring NRA News commentator Billy Johnson who claimed that people who are uncomfortable by those carrying guns are clinically "paranoid" because of their fear of an "inanimate object."

"What does it say about you that you are afraid of people who are legally exercising their right to bear arms?" stated Johnson, noted (video below).

"What does it say about you that your fear of an inanimate object, a gun, has led you to suspect everyone who chooses to own that object?" added Johnson. "And what does it say about you that you are afraid of the almost 10 million legal concealed carry gun owners in the U.S. who don't commit crimes every year? Who's the paranoid one now?"

Johnson doesn't mention that this "inanimate object," also known as a "gun," kills one person in America every "17 minutes" and that "87 people are killed during an average day, and 609 are killed every week," according to the Centers for Disease Control, reports NBC News.

NBC News also notes that "handguns comprised 72.5 percent of the firearms used in murder and non-negligent manslaughter incidents in 2011; 4.1 percent were with shotguns; 3.8 percent were with rifles; 18.5 percent were with unspecified firearms."

Sources:, NBC News


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