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NRA Praises 'Armed Citizen,' Doesn't Mention His Rape Charges (Video)

The NRA News show "Cam & Company" recently praised Marlo Ellis for using a gun in self-defense during the program's "The Armed Citizen Files" segment on The Sportsman Channel.

Ellis shot Kevin McLaughlin, who waved a gun in a Dollar General store Orrville, Ala. earlier this month, notes The Selma Times Journal

There were reportedly angry words between McLaughlin and people inside the Dollar General store, but there was no mention of a robbery. McLaughlin ushered customers and the cashier into a break room inside the store when Ellis fatally shot him.

Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson told WSFA that Ellis is facing charges of rape in the second degree and enticing a child for immoral purposes involving a girl under the age of 16 in 2013.

According to court papers, Ellis picked the teen up at a school basketball game and drove her to his home for sex.

Cam & Company host Cam Edwards did not mention Ellis by name or the criminal charges, noted (video below).

Instead, Edwards focused on the the gun story and pondered, "I wonder how many other media outlets will be reporting on this story?"

Sources:, The Selma Times Journal, WSFA


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