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NRA Peeved at Gun Control Humor in The Simpsons Video Game

"The Simpsons" has made fun of just about everybody and everything during its 24 seasons. But now the National Rifle Association is up in arms over a Simpsons video game that pokes fun at gun owners.

"Tapped Out," a new video game for iOS and Android, features the beloved characters of Springfield making tongue-in-cheek jabs about life in general. Gun supporters and the NRA are not laughing about one story line revolving around Herman's Military Antiques.

For example, there is a brief exchange between Bart and his best buddy, Milhouse.

“Hey, Milhouse, want to go check out the new gun shop in town?” Bart asks.

Milhouse responds, “Of course! After all, the NRA says it’s the safest place for kids.”

“They also say us kids should sleep under a blanket made of loaded guns. You know — for safety,” Bart says.

“I eat my cereal every morning with a gun instead of a spoon. Because more guns everywhere means safer kids. Thanks, NRA!” Milhouse says.

The NRA is not the only group mocked in the game. Gun owners and distributors are also the butt of a few jokes. When asked about running a background check for an AK-47, gun store owner Herman responds, “Of course not. That would infringe on your Constitutional right to never be inconvenienced — even in the tiniest, most reasonable way — when guns are involved.”

Chief Wiggum also says, “Great! The ready availability of guns to the public makes my job as a cop safer AND easier.”

Fans of "The Simpsons" expect satire, but the writers really laid it on thick in this game. The sheer volume of gun jokes is hard to overlook, and the political commentary is uncharacteristically overt.

Ultimately, though, "The Simpsons" is a satirical franchise. It is hard to make a joke without ticking someone off. Do you think that the NRA is being overly sensitive about a couple of politically charged jokes, or do you think that the writers for "The Simpsons" are allowing their political beliefs to get in the way of good humor?

Source: Daily Mail


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