NRA Opposes Plan to Save Elephants From Extinction


The National Rifle Association (NRA) opposes a ban on the commercial trade of elephant ivory by the Obama administration.

“This ban is the best way to help ensure that U.S. markets do not contribute to the further decline of African elephants in the wild,” the Obama White House said last month, noted AFP.

However, in an amazing twist of logic, the NRA recently claimed this effort to save elephants from extinction was actually an evil plot to "ban firearms."

The NRA stated on its website:

This is another attempt by this anti-gun Administration to ban firearms based on cosmetics and would render many collections/firearms valueless.

Any firearm, firearm accessory, or knife that contains ivory, no matter how big or small, would not be able to be sold in the United States, unless it is more than 100 years old.

This means if your shotgun has an ivory bead or inlay, your revolver or pistol has ivory grips, your knife has an ivory handle, or if your firearm accessories, such as cleaning tools that contain any ivory, the item would be illegal to sell.

The NRA fails to mention that conservationist Jane Goodall recently warned that African elephants could become extinct if the poaching continues, noted The Guardian. has warned that elephant poaching ivory sales fund the the murderous Lord’s Resistance Army in the Congo.

According to The Washington Post, there were 17,000 elephants killed last year for the ivory market.

Sources:, The Guardian,, The Washington Post, AFP


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