NRA Opposes N. Carolina Gun Permit Law


Senate Bill
, sponsored by Doug Berger (D-7),
remains in limbo after having been pulled from consideration by the Senate
Commerce Committee. This bill would repeal the
requirement that law-abiding individuals must obtain a permit to purchase from
their local sheriff before they may lawfully acquire any pistol in North Carolina. The
primary opposition to this legislation comes from the North Carolina Sheriffs’
Association, which reports that the bill was pulled “at the request of several
senators on the committee.”

By opposing S 782, the N.C. Sheriffs’
Association is stating its full support of a law that is likely
unconstitutional. The current Pistol Transfer Permit Law allows a
local sheriff to deny pistol purchases on the grounds that the applicant for a
pistol transfer permit is not of “good moral character,” even if the applicant
is otherwise eligible to acquire a firearm under federal and state law.

Last June, the Supreme Court of the United
States ruled, in District of Columbia v. Heller, that the Second
Amendment protects “the individual right to possess and carry weapons.” With
this ruling in mind, it is NRA’s view that the “good moral character” standard
treats the acquisition of a handgun as a privilege, rather than a right
protected under the U.S. Constitution. While the “good moral character”
standard may very well be accepted in a number of areas within North Carolina statute,
it should not be accepted when talking about exercising our Right to Keep and
Bear Arms. When it is determined that an individual should be denied the
ability to exercise a basic right, the standard for making that decision must be

Time is rapidly running out on this bill,
as it must pass the Senate by Thursday, May 14, in order to make the Crossover
Deadline. This deadline requires legislation to pass at least one chamber
(House or Senate) of the General Assembly by that date, or else it cannot be
considered for the rest of this year, or next. Please make your voice heard


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