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NRA News Releases Pro-Gun, Anti Gov't Video with Former SEAL Dom Raso

The National Rifle Association’s NRA News has unveiled a new commentator video featuring Dom Raso, a former Navy SEAL who served for 12 years. Raso’s opening salvo was a criticism against legislators who advocate stricter control gun control laws.

One of Raso’s main talking points was the issue of power. Specifically, what gives somebody the power to limit a citizen's ability to bear weapons? Rasso asked, “What have [politicians] ever accomplished that gives them any credibility on the subject of personal protection?” He added, “These politicians only care about their own power. They know that less we are able to defend ourselves, the more dependent we are on them. Period.”

He also points out the inherent hypocrisy of being able to carry around firearms on the battlefield, but losing the ability to carry weapons after leaving the military and becoming an everyday citizen. He laments that “Somehow I’m [perceived as] not responsible anymore. They don’t trust me to defend my own family.”

Raso’s video plays into the mistrust of the government, a natural bed partner of gun rights. In some ways, the video is less about supporting gun rights and more about deflating the power of clueless politicians.

He is certainly correct that becoming a politician does not make somebody an expert on personal protection, but Raso seems to confuse expert knowledge with authority. Of course politicians have the authority (even if they lack the expertise) to make laws that change federal policy – it is precisely the role of politicians to make legislation. The more critical question would be whether or not it’s right for politicians to take away gun rights, regardless of how well-informed politicians are about the subject.

With its government bashing and gun promotions, this video will likely strike a chord with gun owners. Whether or not they intended it, this video will probably also earn a few approving nods from libertarians, too.

Source: NRA News


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