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NRA Museum Director Jim Supica Opposes Loaded Guns at Gun Shows

Back in December of 2012, NRA head Wayne LaPierre said that the answer to gun violence was to put more people with guns in schools and other public places.

However, the NRA’s National Firearms Museum director Jim Supica tells people not to bring loaded guns to gun shows in his article 'How to be a Gun Collector' on

In his article, Supica sounds very much like President Obama, who pro-gun advocates have compared to Hitler and Stalin. Oddly, Supica has gotten a free pass while Obama has not.

Supica writes:

Never bring a loaded gun into a show, included legal concealed carry guns, and do not test chamber a round in a show.  Negligent discharges are very rare at shows, but when one does occur it often involves a concealed carry gun that was brought in loaded and then is brought out to show, trade, try on grips, test fit a holster, etc.

Supica’s article does have a disclaimer: “Opinions are those of the author and not necessarily those of NRA or the National Firearms Museum.”

However, the NRA's lobbying arm (NRA-ILA) supports efforts to expand concealed carry to “previously prohibited places.”



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