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NRA: Media Ignoring Swiss Pro-Gun Vote

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By Wayne LaPierre

For centuries, the proud and free people of Switzerland have kept guns in their homes, to defend their nation against invasion and to protect their communities in times of emergency. But the anti-gun movement in Europe thought they could eradicate the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. They made one mistake: They allowed a vote of the people.

The Swiss went to the polls recently and cast their votes on the referendum, which sought to ban the possession of firearms in the home and establish a nationwide registry of privately owned firearms. Many media outlets promoted polls that showed the ban passing by a large margin, so the gun control advocates were bitterly disappointed when the actual votes were counted. Fifty-seven percent of the voters rejected the referendum, and the gun ban failed in more than half of the Swiss cantons.

I'm sure the Swiss gun control movement isn't going to go away. Those who want to strip us of our rights aren't usually put off by a single vote of the people. But this vote was vitally important to the Swiss, and to gun owners everywhere. You can be sure that if the gun ban referendum had succeeded, we would have heard the news proclaimed throughout our land. We would have been lectured and harangued, told that we were now the most unenlightened country in the world. But because the Right to Keep and Bear Arms won out, the media was silent.

Well, that means it's up to us to spread the good news. It's an inspiring story, and I hope that it spurs some inactive gun owners to get more involved politically in protecting their own Right to Keep and Bear Arms here at home. Make sure your friends and fellow shooters know that even in the heart of Europe, where so many millions have lost their lives to tyrants, freedom can and did prevail!


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