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NRA Lobbyist Tony Makris Shoots Elephant In The Face On NBC Sports (Video)

NBC Sports network sparked outrage this week when it aired a program sponsored by the National Rifle Association in which gun lobbyist Tony Makris shot an elephant twice in the face and then celebrated with champagne.

The episode of “Under Wild Skies” features Makris, a long-time friend of NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre, on a hunt in Botswana, Africa.

Makris saw an elephant in the brush. He hides, along with his guide, and fires off two shots at the “bull with one tusk.”

He doesn’t manage to kill the animal. The elephant runs from the brush giving a blood-curdling scream. They must chase him down and shoot again to kill him.

Afterwards, Makris turns to his guide and says, “Can we shoot some birds this afternoon?”

It is unclear what the age of the elephant is, but the guide refers to him as the "old bull."

“You snuck us right in the guy’s bedroom,” Makris says, standing over the elephant’s corpse. “I mean, look at this, this is where he hangs out.

“Good shooting today,” his guide reponds.

The show called Botswana’s Okavango Delta the “mecca for elephant hunting.”

In 2012, the landlocked nation of Botswana announced that as of January 2014 all commercial elephant hunting would be banned.

Poaching of elephants in Africa is an epidemic. Authorities in Zibabwe announced this week that ivory poachers poisoned at least 80 elephants with cyanide in order to take their tusks.

Sources: Daily Mail, Raw Story


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