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NRA Lobbyist Tony Makris Shoots Elephant in Face, Celebrates With Champagne (Video)

NRA gun lobbyist Tony Makris recently shot an elephant in the face and then drank champagne in an episode of the TV series "Under Wild Skies," which was recently aired on the NBC Sports Network.

Makris, who hosts Under Wild Skies on the Outdoor Channel, was hunting in Botswana when he killed the elephant on the NRA-sponsored show, noted

In the elephant killing segment (video below), the animal is demonized while Markis brags about his rifle, "Positively lethal, great to handle, beautiful gun."

Makris spots an elephant in the brush and shoots it in the face twice. He then chased the wounded elephant and shot it again, and it finally died.

He later posed with his “Tyrannosaur” rifle and drank some champagne with a group of hunters, while watching the sunset.

“To hunt an elephant and to harvest and elephant and to bring the ivory back to camp is a very, very special occasion,” declared an unidentified hunter.

Not mentioned on the NBC Sports Network, is how Botswana is banning commercial elephant hunting in January 2014 because of the dramatic shortages of the animal, noted the BBC.

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