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NRA Hopes to Cut Off Federally Funded Gun Control Efforts with New Kansas Law

The National Rifle Association plans to hit gun control advocates where it hurts most: the bank account. The NRA has launched a new effort in Kansas to promote laws that would prevent the use of government funding for gun lobbying efforts.

The law, which is slated to come into effect next month, makes it illegal to use government funds for "publicity or propaganda" relating to gun control. Without less funding to support gun control campaigns, the NRA should become the loudest voice in the gun debate.

Brenda Gardner, an NRA liason who lobbies in Kansas, stated, "People are going to look to Kansas. People are starting to see a number of states becoming leaders in firearms rights."

The bill will be the first of its kind and, considering how it’s received, it may very well be the last. Opponents of the law have pointed out problems with its language. “It does raise these questions about one side or the other becoming so dominant that it can close off opposing views," said Gene Policinski of the First Amendment Center.

Kent Steward, the mayor of the small western Kansas town of Hays, added, "Anytime government starts getting into the area of limiting speech, it sends up a red flag. The best course may be, if you find one thing that's distasteful, you may do better to put up with it."

Additionally, it leaves organizations with unanswered questions about legal grey areas. For example, is it legal for a government agency to publish a document about gun safety?

To make matters even more confusing, the law does not include any penalties for violators. Organizations that use government funds to lobby against guns can’t receive anything more than a firm tsk-tsk from state legislators.

Senator Jeff King (R) dismissed concerns about the law by arguing, "This is not a freedom of speech issue. This is an issue of using taxpayer dollars."

Well, if that is true, why doesn’t the law also prohibit the use of government funds for pro-gun speech?

Source: Fox News


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