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NRA Hopes to Boost Numbers with Free Memberships to Police & Military

The American Rifle and Pistol Association recently launched as a less extreme alternative to The National Rifle Association. Apparently, ARPA has rustled the NRA’s feathers, because the more-than 125 year old organization is attempting to recruit more members.

The National Rifle Association announced on its website that it is offering free membership to all active-duty military, first responders, and law enforcement. The organization saw a spike in membership earlier this year when gun control became a major topic in the national debate.

People who take advantage of the free membership get access to a couple of free goodies. The NRA website reads, “The premium NRA Life of Duty membership includes all regular NRA benefits, plus $27,500 in combined group specified accident only insurance coverage for qualified members, gear discounts, subscriptions to all NRA official journals and a subscription to the NRA American Warrior digital magazine.”

That still might not be sufficient to lure many new members. Considering how much the NRA is vilified by gun control advocates, many moderate gun rights proponents might be tempted to side with ARPA, taking donations away from the NRA and pouring them into a moderate alternative.

It’s still unclear how ARPA will stand up against the NRA, or if the two pro-gun organizations will unite under the same gun rights banner. Either way, there’s a good chance that NRA will remain the top dog on the pro-gun side of the gun debate. The organization has the history, the money, the connections, and the numbers to remain a powerful lobbying force in Washington. And with this ploy for greater membership numbers, the NRA could become more influential than ever.

Source: CBS Local


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