NRA: "Gun Free Zones" on Campus Don't Work


By Wayne LaPierre

Why wasn't Amanda Collins allowed to carry her handgun before she was raped on the campus of the University of Nevada back in 2007?

Because her university had a policy of disarming every law-abiding concealed-carry holder that may attend or work at the school. Unfortunately, that policy didn't work so well in keeping bad guys with guns off the campus. And when Amanda Collins was attacked by James Biela, he had a gun and she didn't.

Biela went on to rape another woman and now faces the death chamber after attacking and killing a visitor on campus. And the University of Nevada told Amanda Collins after she'd been raped that she was now free to carry her firearm, just as long as she didn't tell anyone.

I'm grateful that Amanda has chosen to tell the world her story, as difficult as it is for her. And every NRA member owes her our gratitude and support for her testimony in support of the Campus Protection Act in Nevada. Her gripping story is a horrible reminder that criminals don't care if some place has been labeled a "Gun Free Zone," and in fact they may choose to stalk their human prey where they know their victims can't fight back.

The policies of these universities don't do anything to make their staff or students safer, and the fact that Amanda was allowed to carry after she was the victim of a violent attack tells me that despite their objections, university officials know that the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to have a good person with a gun nearby.

Nevada officials have the chance to set things right this session, as do legislators in several other states. The NRA's going to keep working to ensure that every student or staff member who's a right to carry holder has the right to protect themselves on these college campuses. The experiment in "Gun Free Zones" has proven to be a failure. Now it's time to let good folks defend themselves.


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