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NRA: Final 2 States Without Right-to-Carry Gun Laws Will Fall


By Wayne LaPierre, NRA Executive Vice-President

There are only two states in this entire country that don't have some sort of law on the books to allow people to carry handguns for self-defense: Illinois and Wisconsin. Wisconsin's legislature has approved "shall-issue" Right-to-Carry not once but twice, only to have the legislation vetoed by Governor Jim Doyle. But with Governor Doyle term-limited, and Right-to-Carry getting increasing support in Illinois, some anti-gun politicians seem to be concerned that Right-to-Carry is inevitable. That's why they're doing their best to sound reasonable, while instead asking gun owners to accept a poison pill agreement.

The D.A. and police chief in Milwaukee have stated publicly that they'd support some type of Right-to-Carry law (with details to be ironed out later) as long as other changes to the state's gun laws are made, including making it a felony to engage in a straw purchase, and new restrictions on gun shows in the state. 

The NRA is second to no one in wanting to keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals, but the NRA can't support new restrictions on lawful firearms owners and retailers at gun shows across the state. Anti-gun politicians trying to save face by offering a "compromise" won't find a receptive audience among NRA members. The gun-banners were wrong to block Right-to-Carry in the legislature, and they're wrong to say their lukewarm support for Right-to-Carry is contingent on new gun-control laws being passed as well.


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