NRA Fights to Let AZ Workers Keep Guns in Their Cars


NRA is working hard to pass House Bill 2474, sponsored by State Representatives John Kavanagh (R-8) and Frank Antenori (R-30), which would permit law abiding citizens to keep a firearm locked in their privately owned vehicle when parked on their employer’s publicly accessible parking lot.

If passed, HB2474 would permit a law-abiding individual to store their firearms in their locked motor vehicle while parked on a publicly accessible parking lot controlled by their employer or a business they frequent. This bill will protect your right to keep a firearm in your car if you choose to hunt or target shoot before or after work. HB2474 would also allow an individual to keep a firearm in their vehicle for self-defense during their commute to and from work.

Corporations are telling lawmakers that they should be able to ban firearms in your privately owned vehicle if it is parked in a parking lot they own or lease. These corporations have even had the audacity to tell legislators that your gun, locked in your private vehicle, can somehow be a threat to children inside a daycare facility at your workplace. All of this is occurring as your lawmakers are trying to balance Arizona’s massive budget deficit.

Don’t let these corporations distract lawmakers from their important responsibilities!


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