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NRA Condemned Violent Video Games, but Not Its Own

The National Rifle Association’s Exec. VP Wayne LaPierre blamed the school shootings in NewTown, Connecticut on a number of things, including “blood-soaked” films, entertainment culture and violent video games.

However, LaPierre failed to mention that the NRA has produced three video games: NRA Gun Club, NRA High Power Competition and NRA Varmint Hunter, reports

High Power Competition involves cleaning and powdering your weapon while figuring out what the weather will mean for the competitive shooting match.

NRA Gun Club was reviewed by GameSpot as “abysmal” and “Absolutely pure in its devotion to awfulness.”

“This is the sort of hastily slapped-together game that should have been a free bonus for subscribing to the NRA newsletter or something.”

“It’s disgustingly ugly, nearly silent, and shallow in a way that will put off anyone, whether a firearms enthusiast or not.”

In NRA Varmint Hunter, gamers shoot tiny prairie dogs with high-powered rifles. IGN compared it to “a facial performed by a living urinal."


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