NRA Commentator Compares Gun Laws to Racist Jim Crow laws (Video)


NRA News commentator Dom Raso, who is a former U.S. Navy SEAL, recently claimed that laws that regulate guns are somehow like racist Jim Crow laws that discriminated against black people.

According to, Raso made this comparison by claiming that carrying a gun was a civil right (video below).

“Just because someone makes a law that says you can’t buy, own, or carry a weapon doesn’t make it lawful,” stated Raso. “Jim Crow laws were also passed and enforced and those were equally unconstitutional.”

However, Raso failed to mention that race/skin color is an immutable physical characteristic that cannot be changed, while gun ownership is always a choice.

“Too many Americans don’t think of the Second Amendment as a civil rights issue,” added Raso. “That’s dangerous, because all of those rights together define freedom. If you’re free to speak but not worship, you’re not free. If you’re free to vote, but not to speak, you aren’t not free either. And if you’re free to do everything but defend yourself with a firearm, you’re not going to feel very free when you’re holding the phone waiting on the cops to save you from a home invader.”

While the gun lobby often likes to portray the scary stranger breaking into one's house, the FBI website states that 53.0 percent of people killed by guns were slain by someone they knew, 24.8 percent were killed by family members and 37 percent of female victims were murdered by their husbands or boyfriends.

Rosa also failed to mention that many developed countries have far stricter gun control laws than the U.S. are very free. ABC News noted a study in 2013 that found among developed (and free) nations there was less gun ownership and fewer gun-related deaths than the U.S.

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