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NRA: Brady Campaign's Contradiction on Concealed Guns

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By Wayne LaPierre

Paul Helmke and the Brady Campaign have recently been trying to make hay over the fact that the Starbucks Coffee chain doesn't mind having law-abiding gun owners as customers. Helmke's been spouting off his statements about gun owners on blogs, in news stories and on television for years now, but his recent rants border on incoherence. 

Take, for example, his recent assertion in a Huffington Post blog:

"The gun pushers want an America where there is nowhere that you and your family can go to be free from guns ... The gun lobby's clout in state legislatures has forced consideration of dangerous proposals to allow people to legally carry concealed weapons into bars, churches, workplace parking lots, airports, parks, college campuses and elsewhere."

And yet I recall on the day the Heller decision was handed down at the U.S. Supreme Court, when Paul and I were talking to MSNBC's Chris Matthews, Helmke came right out and said that concealed carry is the law in 48 of 50 states, it "doesn't cause many problems," and that there were bigger issues for the anti-gun group. 

Now Helmke's changed his tune and is happy to try and demonize the millions of Right-to-Carry holders in this country. As the relevance of the Brady Campaign declines, and as more and more Americans reject their anti-gun agenda, Helmke and his cohorts are reduced to trying to scare or bully others into supporting their misguided beliefs ... even if they have to contradict themselves in the process.


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