NRA Bashes Animal Rights "Lunacy"


By Wayne LaPierre, NRA Executive Vice President

Ever get the feeling that the average animal rights activist cares more about the lowly mosquito than a human being? Take Jerry Vlasak, the "press officer" for the North American Animal Liberation Front. Vlasak, who works as a trauma surgeon in California, apparently feels that there are just too many humans around.

Responding to an article in the journal "Nature" discussing the possibility of eradicating mosquitos around the world, Vlasak responded by saying the problem wasn't bugs, it was people.

"One of the problems," Vlasak said, "is they send 1 million pounds of food to Somalia and all they do is reproduce and pretty soon there's going to be more people suffering there."

The animal rights extremist went on to say, "China is sort of an example where they were able to stabilize the population with governmental standards."

Statements like that make you wonder just how seriously Dr. Vlasak takes his job, which after all requires him to save human lives when he believes there are already too many of us on the planet already.

These animal rights extremists may say that a "rat is a cat is a dog is a boy," but I don't think they really believe it. I think they believe that the rats, the cats and the dogs are all more important than the boys and girls, more important than our sons and daughters. They may disguise their intentions with cartoonish displays like PETA or "respectable" organizations like HSUS, but in the end, their goal is the same: equal rights for animals, but not for humans.


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