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Abused Husband Speaks Out About The Stigma Surrounding Male Domestic Violence


A U.K. man was badly scarred and burned when his wife poured boiling water on him, and now he’s speaking out to encourage other male victims of domestic abuse not to be ashamed.

Ken Gregory, 65, said he and his wife, 60-year-old Teresa Gilbertson, got into an argument in March of last year after Gregory wanted to visit his first wife’s grave because it was her birthday. The argument escalated and the couple agreed to get a divorce, BBC reports. Gilbertson then left the room to make a cup of tea, and when she returned she came up behind Gregory and poured a pot of boiling water on him.

“There you go,” she  reportedly said as the she doused him in the scalding hot liquid.

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“It was unbearable, searing pain. I'd never known anything like it,” Gregory told BBC. 

Gilbertson also reportedly poured a cup of tea on him a few weeks earlier, and there had been a pattern of verbal abuse towards her husband for some time. Gilbertson and Gregory are now divorced, and the woman is set to be sentenced on March 24 after being charged with grievous bodily harm with intent.

Gregory has since spoken out about the abuse he suffered, calling on other male victims to ignore the stigma that surrounds male domestic abuse and speak up.

“As a man who is a bit older and who isn't exactly small, there is a perception that you can't be a victim of domestic violence,” he said. “Being attacked by a woman is nothing to be ashamed of.

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“But it should be the same message that they put out for women - don't be frightened, you don't have to put up with it.”

Source: BBC / Photo Credit: PA via


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