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A Note Written Minutes Before Her Murder Helped Identify Elizabeth Begaren's Killer

A note written in the minutes before her murder led investigators to Elizabeth Begaren’s killer, who allegedly collaborated with her husband.

Elizabeth’s husband, Nuzzio Begaren, is currently on trial for helping to orchestrate the murder, along with other gang members involved with the crime, according to Fox News.

Elizabeth wrote down the license plate number and color of a car that pursued her and her husband on an Anaheim freeway in 1998. The note was found torn up on the side of the freeway, but police pieced it back together, gaining a clue to the case in the process.

Her husband allegedly pulled over and a man in the other car — a light blue, Buick Regal — shot and killed Elizabeth.

Gang member Rudy Duran is set to testify that Nuzzio organized his wife’s death to gain money from her $1 million life insurance policy, which he bought soon after they married. Nuzzio and Elizabeth had been married just five months before her murder.

Duran is expected to say that Nuzzio planned the murder to look like a robbery.

Police suspect that the Buick of the man who shot Elizabeth belonged to gang member Guillermo Espinoza.

Jose Sandoval, another gang member, is set to testify against Espinoza and say that he saw him shoot Elizabeth twice as she tried to run away from him on the freeway.

Authorities have also charged both Sandoval and Espinoza with murder, but police have been unable to locate and arrest Espinoza.

Sources: Fox News 


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